We offer a job counselling service. In Hurtado Consulting Asesores the commitment and the security of the client is our fundamental base.

- Registrations in the different regimes before the T.G.S.S.

- Registrations of new companies and freelancers

- Opening of work centres

- Guestbook Diligence

- Subsidies and incentives for job creation.

- Processes of hiring foreigners. Expedients of services of Foreigners.

- Affiliation of registrations and cancellations of workers and companies.

- Elaboration of payrolls / salary receipts, advances, liquidations of expenses, settlements, monthly bulletins of contribution / Social Security, list of costs, application of Collective Agreements.

- Management of postponements before the Executive Collection Unit.

- Preparation of quarterly (Mod. 111) and annual (Mod. 190) income tax withholdings and issuance of certificates of withholdings to workers.

- Processing and monitoring of processes of Temporary Incapacity for Work due to illness and work accident.

- Disciplinary proceedings against workers, in application of the sanctioning regime

- Termination of contract, dismissal, calculation of compensation, liquidation of balances and settlement, company certificate